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SUBJECT: What 88% of women prefer in the bedroom
SUBJECT: QUIZ - How do men know if they are good in the bedroom

It simply makes sense to give women the most outrageous
bedroom experience possible. Give her uncontrollable
pleasure and she will do just about ANYTHING to return
the favor.

If you would like to have women begging, pleading and
simply seducing you to make a return trip to the bedroom,
here is exactly what you need to do.

Learn the fine art of using your tongue.

A man who can confidently and masterfully go down on  
a woman instantly elevates himself to *sex god* status
because very, very few men do it really well.

Did you know these really interesting facts?

* 81 % of women reach orgasm from receiving oral sex
* 88% of married women surveyed prefer cunnilingus
as their preferred lovemaking act
* The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings which are best
electrified by the mouth (thrusting gives little pleasure
by comparison)
* Women say that less than 20% of their partners were
"excellent" in giving oral satisfaction.

Here is a good tip on how to know how good you really
are with giving oral. If the next time you are making love
she doesn’t shove your head down there or beg you to
“do what you did last time” then you really need to up
your tongue game.

Don't risk another night of disappointment for her (most
likely she'll fake her enjoyment once again). Become
the oral lover most women only fantasize about.

=> The best oral lover tips <AFFIL LINK>

To your success,


P.S You know the difference between the 20% of men who
excel at this and those who don't? The 80% think they
can figure it out all on their own.
SUBJECT: Two sides to every bedroom story
SUBJECT: The golden tongue technique
SUBJECT: 80% have "faked it" - how to tell if your woman does

Have you ever been privy to two different sides of a story?

He said: "The bomb exploding movie was the best film this decade"
She said: "I couldn't wait for that bomb exploding movie to be over"
He said: "The punk looked at the size of my fist and ran away as
fast as he could".

She said: "When the fight was about to start the police showed up so
the guy quickly exited".
What you don't often hear are both sides of the bedroom stories.
But you can be certain that your perception is not always the reality.
When 80% of women admit to faking it - it is because you are not
nearly as good as you think you are. They simply want it to be over.
Women's #1 fantasy in the bedroom is to be expertly eaten out
which can give them wave after wave of full-body Os.
Yet, they claim that less than 20% of their lovers have that skill.
Worse, most of them do it so badly they fake coming just to get it
over with.
If you can learn the golden tongue techniques that send electrical
impulses up and down any woman's body then you can have your
woman warming up your bed ANY TIME you want.
Your friend,
P.S. I thought I was a master of the tongue but I learned quite a
few "eye rolling back in the head" techniques from this site.
SUBJECT: Is your tongue tired?
SUBJECT: Neat trick to keep your bedroom tongue from getting tired
SUBJECT: This will kill her mood instantly, even if she is 90% there

You probably already know that the artistic "lick" is the number one
way to bring any woman into full O hysteria.
Of course any old lick won't do and when you discover what that
perfect "sweet spot" is, it can be a killer to keep your tongue wagging
in that one place for minutes while she is overcome by wave
after wave of enraptured pleasure.
Here's a hint: instead of moving your tongue back and forth when it
is tired, keep your tongue still and move your head back and forth.
I learned that neat little trick (among dozens of others) from renowned
sexpert Michael Webb.
Done expertly (less than 20% of men are true experts at this) oral
pleasuring can bring any woman into the deepest and highest state
of arousal.
Done poorly it can sour her mood instantly.
Your friend,
P.S. You may have seen Michael Webb on NBC News, Oprah,
CBS Morning Show or one of 500 other TV or radio stations he
has been on.
SUBJECT: This tongue technique puts her into an hypnotic trance
SUBJECT: How 007 makes women go 000 with his mouth
Expert studies have shown that bringing a woman into a deep
state of physical euphoria can mimic the brain activity that is in a
hypnotic trance.
Essentially this means that if you can give your woman such intense
pleasure she is in a state where she will want to do anything for
her "master".
Most woman are believed to be able to reach this level of
"drunken" pleasure when being expertly stimulated orally. The
combination of warm breath, wet tongue and silky swipe of
the tongue have the best possible chance of giving her wave
after wave of intoxicating pleasure.
It is important that your woman is emotionally prepared to
surrender to the pleasure and be 100% in the receiving end -
at least for a while. Women are naturally givers and nurturers
and you need to mentally prepare her that this is 100% for
her and she should simply soak in the enjoyment.
If she is expecting to perform and pleasure you at the same time
she will not be able to reach the deep state of pleasure that
brings her into the trance-like state.
You then must artistically paint her "canvas" with your tongue
with flicks, strokes, breaths and suckles -- in the right place and
in the right combinations.
My colleague Michael Webb has put together the premier
resource on oral pleasuring and you can check out his work
on his website here
This deep level or eroticism probably wont happen on your
first try but by using Michael's techniques you will be well on your
way to being an expert cunning-linguist :)
Your friend,
P.S. I think Michael Webb taught James Bond a thing or two

SUBJECT: Bedroom difference between men and women
SUBJECT: Why some men receive more oral than others

Men will do just about anything for even so-so oral.
Women can only enjoy the best licking.
For men, teeth is a big no-no but other than that, we are
ok with sloppy tongue work.
Because women's parts are so much more delicate and sensitive
than men's they bristle with every bad tongue move.
It is really had to practice your oral techniques on a woman.
Unless you do it really well she'll snap her legs shut in a heartbeat
or she'll fake an O just to get you to stop. And you'll be
banished above the waistline for eternity.
It is sad because true artistic oral performances can give
women higher satisfaction than any other bedroom act.
For women who have been on the receiving end of expert
tongues they say it is by far their favorite "treat". They are
also extremely disappointed when they lover can expertly
go down on her.
If you can't bring her into a glorious orgasmic state with your mouth,
guess what? She is far less likely to be willing to go down on you.
=> To receive head, you must learn to expertly give it
There is no better expert in the field than Michael Webb. He has
spent the last 20 years in research and writing and coaching
couples around the world on all matters relating to the bedroom.
His resources on oral techniques are top-notch. You can check
them out at his website.
Your friend,
P.S. I thought his section on positions was especially good. Some
great ways to prevent those kinks in the neck or tongue.